"Momentum and Movement"

"Momentum and Movement, working while you “wait” for the opportunities you want", is a book that will help you with strategies to get to the next level as you work and "wait" for the opportunities that await you." Just remember, waiting involves moving even though things may not seem to be happening. As long as God is behind the scenes, there is much going on in the background. As we continue to pray, exercise our faith, and put forth grind (works), then what we want manifested in our lives will eventually happen. Yes, that momentum and movement will be God-ordained. And when God is for you, He will ensure no one is against you (Romans 8:31).

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    • Audio of eBook

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    • 20 Things I Did to Get Momentum & Movement

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Sharon Shannon

Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Sharon, the Faith Coach. Welcome to the Faith Works Academy. I am excited you have a heart for getting all the Lord God has for your life. All of my webinars, ecourses, ebooks, and other trainings/workshops are centered around God, Jesus, the Messiah, Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai...yes Him. I want to share the things that have worked for me to get to the point where I am finally living the life God has for me. I know the power of the Lord, because when I was going through a dark period in my life, He got me through. When I was in despair, He lifted me higher. And when I didn't know how to make a way, He made a way. God is the reason I do what I do and He has enabled me to help others with their faith and confidence in getting more out of life. I believe through my training, you will be able to gain more prayer, more faith and more grind (works) you will need to go to the next level in what God has for you. Is there anything you're believing for God to do today? Do you want God to move mightily in your life? Do you need increased faith or a faith refresher? Well, you've come to the right place -- a place of encouragement, information, and education. To tell you just a little about myself. I am a coach, a thought-leader, a blogger, a podcaster, an inspirational/faith speaker, an instructor, a public school educator, a children's church teacher, and an Air Force veteran. My background lends itself to experience you can benefit from. I have always had a love for teaching and I know God has placed a special gift in me to help others through encouragement, education, and information, which started long ago in the bedroom of my childhood home with just my younger brother and my sister as my very first "students." So, I am first and foremost, a teacher. It is my intent that the Faith Works Academy will inspire and uplift you to get all that God has for you and that involves knowing who you are in Him. He has more for your life. Blessings, Sharon

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