"Momentum and Movement"

"Momentum and Movement, working while you “wait” for the opportunities you want", is a book that will help you with strategies to get to the next level as you work and "wait" for the opportunities that await you." Just remember, waiting involves moving even though things may not seem to be happening. As long as God is behind the scenes, there is much going on in the background. As we continue to pray, exercise our faith, and put forth grind (works), then what we want manifested in our lives will eventually happen. Yes, that momentum and movement will be God-ordained. And when God is for you, He will ensure no one is against you (Romans 8:31).

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Sharon Shannon

Course Instructor

Sharon Shannon, the Faith Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and CEO/Founder of Faith Works Academy, In Sharon's Heart, Women of Movement, and Respect the Teachers, helps and equips emerging and aspiring faith-based/Christian women to use their God-given gift to serve, speak confidently on virtual and live stages, improve their brand, and build their online businesses in order to walk in faith and freedom. Sharon focuses on business coaching, consultation, and mentoring for women who are ready to take their online businesses to another level by learning the tools that will enable them to become successful. Through her expanding Speaking Academy and Speaking Club, she equips women with their voice, faith, confidence, and grind (consistency in working smart). Her Faith Model enables women to use their gift(s) to build their empire. With faith, women can start and continue the process of doing the abundant things God has for them to do (James 2:17). Yes, God has blessed women to do some amazing things and with faith and grind, they will be able to build their businesses to new heights. Through Sharon’s Speaking Academy and Speaking Club, women discover their renewed voice of confidence and power to reach the place God has for them. Coach Sharon guides women to tap into their God-given gift, so they will be able to experience the amazing things God has predestined for them though speaking, branding, and building online businesses. Through her coaching, ebooks, ecourses, and inspirational speaking, Sharon, the Faith Coach encourages, educates, and informs through topics that involve prayer, business, confidence, faith, vision, and grind (works), to name a few. Sharon's Women of Movement (WOM), is a global endeavor which encompasses virtual and live speaking conferences for women. WOM inspires women to move, penetrate, and circulate across the globe to help empower women to move together to make a positive impact. Sharon is a pivotal industry change-agent and thought-leader with a background as a public education teacher and an Air Force veteran. Her background lends itself to life-experiences many women benefit from as she continuously equips, assists, and supports women to build their entrepreneurial empires (Proverbs 13:22).

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